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Once again I decided to start writing a blog. I have tried that hobby before, but for a reason or another I have always stopped being interested in it. This time I'm going to try a new approach: planning ahead! So yes, I have written down a lot of different topics I'd like to write about, and planned a sort of a schedule around that. Let's see how it goes this time.


The topics I have planned ahead so far mostly include some stuff I have been working on lately. I will add things to my ideas list as I encounter something interesting to share. So far the list is somewhat as follows:

  • Full-stack gamedev topics
    • Benefits of sharing code between backend and frontend
    • Backend and client networking
      • General topics
      • Basic websocket communications
      • Advanced UDP communications with NAT penetration
  • Client development topics
    • UI components and data binding on Unity
    • Getting rid of UI spaghetti
  • Project management from technical standpoint (devops)
    • Automated infrastructure
    • CI/CD
  • Graphics programming topics
    • Command buffer with bytecode interpreter
    • Ray tracing basics
  • General programming topics
  • Project retrospectives
  • Book reviews
  • Refactoring and code styling

And the list still goes on, and it grows as time passes. It appears that as time has went by I have accumulated quite a lot of topics to write about. That is a good thing, as in my previous attempts at starting up a blog to gain online presence have failed for that reason; I did not come up with something to write about. Fingers crossed it's different this time.

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