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I switched from zola to another static site generator and changed where the blog is hosted.

Changed the static site generator

I grew tired with Zola as it did not really fit my needs and requirements. I figured that since I'm currently interested in Rust I might as well go with something that is written in Rust. I found Cobalt with google and that's what I'm now using. The old layouts were not compatible so I whipped up a new minimal one until I get time to make it look better. So far Cobalt has been playing mostly nicely but I'm having trouble styling things with Bootstrap css.

Changed hosting

Previously I wrote that I were using a Kubernetes cluster to host the blog among other things. Right now I have no need for the cluster so I switched to host the website from my home server through Cloudflare. That's exciting new thing I haven't done before. Let's see how it plays out.

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